Bodegón Zauli.jpg

Zauli collection

Museums open to our eyes, the colors and textures that a ceramic artist like Zauli crea- ted in his works.

The Zauli series has colors that allow each piece to be different and that in turn helps to personalize each project.

Fortuny collection

Inspired by the Spanish designer FORTUNY (19th century), we have tried to re- create the sensual colors andreflections of silk using thepearlescent ceramic effect.

The collection focuses on the shape of scales that later transcend circular and rec- tangular shapes with great ease.

Lava collection

Strength and temperament(clay and fire) characterize acollection that seems to have no limits in its use.

It is projected in interior and exterior environments with the same personality as a work of art.

The formats and forms are combined giving solution to spaces that need a unique personality.